XLR Audio Cables from Io Audio Technologies Offer High Quality and High Performance

Io Audio Technologies, a division of Knight Electronics, Inc., has developed a family of 3-pin XLR cables that offer high quality design and high performance with pricing that speaks for itself. Available in three grades, Premium, Professional and Performance, these audio cables deliver high-quality sound performance with the customer’s budget in mind. The 3-pin XLR cable family provides excellent EMI resistance for low noise performance and uses rugged locking connectors to ensure safe and secure connectivity.

Available in standard lengths of 10, 25, 50 and 100 ft, these audio cables are designed to handle the rigors of any audio environment. From large touring productions to small nightclubs, these cables provide a rock-solid connection when it matters the most.

The 24 AWG Premium 3-pin XLR is designed for applications that require pristine audio quality. With a 4-conductor design, noise is virtually eliminated and its two braided shields provide 100% coverage for maximum protection against EMI. This cable transmits a wide bandwidth with no noticeable roll off in the audible spectrum. The conductors are made of the highest quality stranded oxygen-free copper and are silverplated for improved conductivity. The first braided shield is composed of pure oxygenfree copper while the second braided shield is composed of tinned copper. Io Audio
Technologies cables also use foamed polyethylene for improved insulation and lower capacitance. Additionally, use of conductive PVC prevents any additional noise from mechanical vibration.

The 23 AWG Professional 3-pin XLR is an ideal option for most applications in the audio industry. Designed to be flexible, this cable has 2 high quality copper conductors with a braided copper shield, which allows the cable to maintain its shape while providing up to 97% coverage from EMI.

The 24 AWG Performance 3-pin XLR is a great option for a quality cable in the most cost-effective package. Designed to be flexible and coil easily, this budget friendly cable has a durable and flexible PVC jacket to protect the conductors. It’s 2 high quality copper conductors and copper spiral shield promote flexibility while providing up to 95% coverage for EMI.

“Our XLR cable offering is designed for any musician or professional technician looking for a cable that can withstand the rigors of gigging. We believe the music matters, and our products keep money in the pockets of the working musician so they can invest more in their craft,” said Randy Rivero, VP of Technology for Io Audio Technologies. 

Along with its standard line of products, Io Audio Technologies also welcomes requests for special features or unique design requirements. With in-house design and engineering teams, expert logistics and customer support departments, Io Audio Technologies develops the right products for any specialized needs.