Locking Powerlatch™Connectors

Io Audio Technologies announces the release of its Powerlatch™ series of AC power connectors.These locking, single-phase AC connectors are designed with safety and dependability in mind. The entire Powerlatch™ series is rated for 20A at 250VAC which makes them perfect for stage productions, lighting systems, and other high current applications. The locking mechanism design allows for the connection to be robust and incapable of accidentally being unplugged by foot traffic, or constant motion.

The Powerlatch™ connector series includes cable connectors as well as panel mount connectors which are characterized by distinct keying patterns and housing colors. These color and key differences provide protection from inter-mating an input connector with an output connector. 

The Powerlatch™ series panel mount connectors replace IEC inlet connections while the Powerlatch™ series cable connectors replace IEC mating cable heads when a rugged solution is necessary or desired. In addition, a pre-mating ground contact assures a safe electrical connection.